Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Welcome to our home!

Our home, loving called--"The Little Blue House on the Corner"

Take a tour

We have always loved white--so cheerful and bright. 
Our cabinet maker calls it a dutch influence, we say country style. (That's Rachel, all grown up and quite the goofball)

There's our magnificient picture window and open staircase. 
At times we fill like we are floating in space--echoes are common:)
(That's Emma our youngest and ever proud of being the tallest!)

Our master bedroom with our own bath!!!
Eight years of trotting to the other side of the house...oh yah,
now its only steps away.
Don't forget the custom closets--another plus when your
dad is the builder.

Our 'quiet room' where no toys reside and no horse playing allowed or...
The green room (imagine the Clue game) or...
The HT room (That's Bekah our resident artist)

The entry.  After years of having everyone enter right into the living room
we separated it and feel quite luxurious.

The mudroom in loo of no closets I found this in a
This Old Home magazine.  Each of us have a cubby and I can say repetitively...
"Put it in Your spot"

The girls room--all three together. Its what we do best--things in thirds.
And their closet is the envy of many.

We've dubbed the main bathroom the girls because it was designed with three in mind.  Two sinks and nine drawers.  The unexpected part is the eternity reflection.

Laundry--everything up with less bending!

One of our unfinished room, now the craft room.

3rd bathroom.  What a change from 1 to 3!
Our bedrooms are outnumbered.

Food storage room...but wait it wraps around two other sides.

Our family room.  From the plan it seemed so small but with great large windows and planning it works well as our present playroom.

Our Theater.  Who doesn't want a place to watch movies.  Close the door, turn down the lights and blare the music.

Last unfinished room--Dave's Man Cave!

Finally our backyard...slighly unfinished,
but we love our fence and potential.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Transition from splotchy white to color

Most of the rooms are this great 'Mushroom Basket'

MBedroom in a darker shade and Girls room in fun purple

Laundry Room a yellow we had to lighten:)HT room in great shade of sage

Wood and more wood...aka the Davenport Touch

That's Sara again. She trimmed all the doors, quite the apprentice carpenter!

Thanks to Davenport Hardwood Floors (my brothers!) we have white oak floors throughout the main floor, minus the bathrooms and bedrooms. Pictured are my mother and Kimball. I racked the HT room:)

Adding color

Our four way inspection is done (electrical, plumbing, heating and framing), now it's time to have fun. Introducing the shades of our home.

Blue--I've always been a big fan and Dave has been sweet to go along. It take us a couple of months to convince my father to skip the typical brown stucco in favor of....drum roll....blue siding. Our inspiration, Daybreak.

Dave and my sister Sara, hard at work


Just wait until the shutters and porch are done!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Muscle & 1st Layer of Skin

The muscle=insulation. We have the traditional, but in the background is the latest (and cheaper) version--blown in. It was up in less than one day.

From skeleton to actual walls...amazing. In some ways the house seemed smaller as your visual perception was reduced. Yet to walk around an actual room was cool. Furniture is easier to see in place and you can start imagining colored walls. Sheetrock=1st of many layers of skin!

Hair, Mouth & Limbs

Continuing our human analogy, we have the hair=roof. We weren't sure if we could get the dark gray (it being more likely to make a hotter house), but after a convincing argument & new techniques we did!!

Every house should have a fireplace=mouth. The best part is we got the hearth & gas fireplace for a steal!

There is something progressive in building a house when you get the cement poured. Now there are places to walk and the encouraging thought that someday we can access our home by different routes--a front porch with steps and no mud tracks through the garage. In a way, these paths are the arms and legs of our structure.